Civil and Human Rights
Caring for others is what makes us human.


Caring for others is what makes us human.

Believe it or not, even in the 21st Century, surveillance, criminalization, and mass incarceration are still the main civil rights violations.

Now, more than ever, tackling discriminatory practices and the injustices they perpetuate is critical to becoming a society that respects, promotes, and protects human and civil rights.

That’s the mission of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. A coalition that approached us to help them design and establish their editorial guidelines for the multiple assets they promote.

The Job

A more human approach

For this rebranding, we took inspiration from one of the most multicultural cities of the world: New York City.

Our color palette and editorial styles resemble the values of a city where people from all over the world interact in harmony. And to better showcase the information the coalition provides, we used a clear hierarchy through color and typeface contrast.

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Our visual identity went beyond printing

Initially used only on their collateral materials, now our design proposal and editorial styles live throughout the entire coalition’s website and on its digital communication.