Time to reflect what’s truly essential.
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What's essential is inside!
What's essential is inside!


Time to reflect what’s truly essential

After seven years of being a part of Herlitz Group, be.bag was set up for reinvention. The goal: to become a trusted backpack for young people.

We worked side-by-side with the brand and—inspired by the much-beloved quote “What is essential is invisible to the eye”—we came up with a solution: the new identity should reflect what’s essential for the youth. By achieving this, we improved be.bag's presence in the market.

Un studio en plus - design studio Paris

Bold. Expressive. Essential.

Our design process focused mainly on be.bag’s intention to inspire and connect with a younger audience. All through a simple message: be you.

Because regardless of what you’re passionate about or whatever you do: once you are true to your essence, everything will follow. So, you just do you and be.bag will go along with you.

Un studio en plus - design studio Paris

be creative, be
healthy, be sporty,
be connected.

An unapologetic identity

Once defined what we wanted to reflect, we picked up a bright color palette, a strong typeface, and an active lifestyle photography to design a youthful aesthetic.

Our mission: to fit be.bag’s consumers every day life and encourage them to achieve their crazy, awesome missions.

A visible and active motto

We designed two variants of the be.bag motto to sign every brand communication:
· A white version. Used mostly over product photography.
· A dynamic color version. Where the logo changed its color to match the color of the backpack.

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