Pelikan ilo
The joy of writing.


The joy of writing.

For the launch of its new fountain pen, Pelikan asked us to create a brand identity that depicts its new pen as the best tool for improving young adult’s writing skills.

To connect with them, we analyzed their behavior and found that, before going to college, they tend to level up their academic and emotional capabilities during high school.

Meaning more essays, more research, more studying. More writing.

In other words, they need more concentration. Sometimes reaching a flow state of mind that disengages them from the outside world and immerses them in the joyful act of writing.

A finding we used to develop a unique branding.


Being in a flow state means being so focused that one’s brain is capable of moving joyfully across different ways of thinking, creating random, and unexpected connections.

ilo: a name with joy. Literally.

What better way to evoke joy than naming this pen with the exact term for this feeling. That was our proposal, but with a twist: ilo is the Finnish word for joy.

Easy to pronounce and even easier to remember.

An inkredible concept.

The main tagline for the product is “inkredible joy”—short for “Pelikan ilo delivers incredible joy when writing with ink”.

To make Pelikan ilo stand out, we used a word game that connects the great functionality of the product with the great emotion it provokes.