Griffix brushes.
Remember when you used to paint? We do.


It's a sure bet that one of your earliest memories is of you painting something awesome in your house while growing up.

But perhaps you might also remember that getting your drawing just right or holding the brush in a comfy way was not so easy.

With this in mind, Griffix asked us to create a communication concept for its elementary school brushes line—Pelikan’s solution to leave behind this little nuisance and make sure painting is all about fun and learning.

5 brushes to make painting unstoppable

Griffix brushes are designed to solve every artistic task while leaving behind the common issues that diminish the fun of painting. The goal: to become the preferred teacher's recommendation for elementary students.

For our communication strategy we took their colors, shapes and specific uses and turned them into 5 distinctive characters with aspects and personalities that match their function. We called them “The five winning ones for primary school”.

The Big

Its favorite chore: painting skies, mountains, and fields.

The Tall

Its favorite chore: drawing clouds, leaves, flowers, animals.

The Thick

Its favorite chore: mixing colors, drawing tree trunks and branches, creating texture.

The Tiny

Its favorite chore: drawing thin lines and faces.

The Cat

Its favorite chore: drawing circles and curves, but it likes keeping busy so really just put it to work.

The Big
The Big
The Big
The Big
The Big

Make it personal

With these distinctive characters we made it easier for teachers, parents and children to choose the right brush for the right task.

The graphic language we created uses a bright color palette and organic drawings with watercolor texture, appealing to the essence of those early days in school.

A friend for every occasion

These fun, friendly creatures give the brand a greater personality and provide flexibility for any type of communication and merchandising.