10-year anniversary books.
Un studio en plus - design studio Paris


CCU 10-year anniversary books

We proposed an entire concept for Universidad de Guadalajara’s University Cultural Center (CCU in Spanish) 10-year anniversary. The Center’s aim is to instigate the development of culture in the city of Guadalajara, primarily through different art manifestations, science, and citizen participation.
Un studio en plus - design studio Paris

Together with CCU

We developed an editorial project that captured the institution's main objective, to counter violence with culture itself. We designed an anthology that displayed diverse works throughout the city. The anthology consisted of a series of books depicting people’s protests and demonstrations against it through urban art, fine art, scientific discoveries and advances, architecture, and other classic interpretations.

Our creative input led us to design a cover for each book, which resembled yellow tape that had to be cut through to access the inside of the works. This symbolic gesture went in line with CCU’s initiative of using culture as an antidote to stop the spread of violence in our neighborhoods, city, and country.

Our collaboration

We are proud to have collaborated with such a respectable, high-profile institution in such a commendable and stirring initiative. Our partnership, allowed us to take part in an exciting moment for CCU. Since they celebrated their 10th anniversary in the city of Guadalajara, and thanks to this opportunity, we were able to leave our mark of quality and creativity in this work.