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A Story to tell.

In 2023, Adobe launched the "Everyone can Photoshop" campaign, aiming to inspire users to explore the software's diverse tools and features. Building upon this vision, "Osez Photoshop" emerged, a collaboration with two French artists, Aishy and Flashiflash. Through insightful interviews, they shared the inspiration and vision behind their digital artistry. As part of our involvement in this project, we were responsible for both recording and producing these short films.

From inspiration to masterpiece
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Behind the scenes





Through the eyes of digital artists Aishy and Flashiflash, we delve into the essence of the campaign:

Dare to imagine, dare to create.

As such, we embarked on the production of two unique short films, where each artist shared in detail their personal story with Adobe Photoshop. Our aim was to present users with authentic and moving experiences, stories capable of inspiring them to look beyond the tools and take the step towards limitless creation.

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Framing to show
city night lights.

"I would like the spectators to be able to understand that the important thing is to do what we love. That our art is, above all, to have fun with our creations and that we can develop our creativity and evolve in its practice with Photoshop and curiosity in our gaze" - Aishy


While "Everyone can Photoshop" emphasized its tools and functions, "Osez Photoshop" aimed not to continue this campaign, but rather to invite both new and existing users to play and experiment with their creativity through Adobe Photoshop.

It's not just about choosing the right tool, but what you can create with them.

But how do we prove it?
By inspiring.

"The day I first created a building in the sky, I felt much more than freedom; it was a pure sensation of happiness." – Flashiflash

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