Adobe Document Cloud
Work together. Everywhere.

Adobe Document Cloud,
Reviews, feedbacks, and collabs: anytime, anywhere.

Adobe, the PDF pioneer, has taken collaboration and mobility in document creation to a new level of accessibility and effectiveness.
They entrusted us the undertaking of making the world aware of Adobe DC Pro as THE powerful, fast, productive, and accessible tool to share and gather comments on documents from any device as simply as sending an email.

Adobe Document Cloud

Acrobat's PDF and e-sign tools have never been more essential in helping people and business to achieve better results.

Any place, any time, any device, a shift in product perception and functions.

An evocative and inspirational video campaign.


Present eight key Acrobat DC tools through serialized 15 second videos that connect their functionality to the reality of those who are rising stars or do-it-all dynamos, whether at work or in everyday life. Emphasizing their ease of collaboration, security, mobility, and use.

Fresh and attractive look and feel, as dynamic and effective as the featured tools.

The series of animations we created, stand out by the fluidity of their transitions from one scene to the other highlighting the easiness, work continuity, mobility, and accessibility that characterize Adobe DC.


The success of this campaign resides in these main aspects:
Everything contributes. A careful fusion of texts with complementary illustrations solves the lack of locution while presenting a visually attractive flow of information in different layers.

Keeping the essence. The tools, themselves, become the main element of each video by using their visual style to frame the texts describing them. In this way, the product features become an attractive visual cue, directly related to motion graphics that strongly suggest fast, easy, and useful ways of using them.

Mobility. Cell phone, desktop computer, laptop, tablets… presenting texts framed into a variety of devices reinforces the idea of a multi-device product. Simultaneously, showing local daily places such as restaurants, home sweet home, an apartment, a park, or a subway reinforces the idea of using the product anywhere, as the idea of anytime is transmitted by elements that suggest a picnic, a served meal, a kitchen, or the waiting room of an airport.

No matter how far apart, we are together in this.

Just like these 8 functions, we created, combined, and rearrange ideas, text, and images putting it all together in a fresh and fun campaign signed with the unique style that distinguishes our studio.